A few words from some people with whom I've had the privilege to be associated:

Eric started his career as a school teacher; a profession he mastered. Eric as a management consultant and a coach teaches his clients how to use their strengths and shore up their weaknesses so that they can forge ahead in their goals and endeavors.

Private Client

Philadelphia, PA

"My lighting career started with a mentor that I continue to look up to. That mentor is Eric Borden. Eric has been a very influential figure in my life.  He was the first person I began working with, and training under, in my capacity as a sales rep trainee for Kichler Lighting. I can confidently say that, without him, I don’t think I would be where I am today, nor would I be as successful as I am. When it came to learning the industry; Eric took the time to sit down with me and show me what I needed to do to learn the product, sales techniques, and to help me plan my career. He has continued to assist me any time I have asked for help no matter how far I have advanced in my life personally or professionally." 

Robert Parker

Sales Representative

Richard Alan & Associates

Houston, TX

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"Eric has been a mentor, quick reference, voice of reason, piece of solid ground and friend for many years. As my Regional Manager, Eric shared his wealth of knowledge to enable his team to be as effective as we could be. He understood and communicated clearly that his role was to make us good enough to take over his role....if we didn't progress professionally, than he wasn't doing his job. He seems to have an uncanny knack for understanding what makes people tick - his listening, comprehension and observational skills are immediately evident. There's no highs and lows - you get what you get, everyday with Eric. He's an intelligent, thoughtful individual who wants the best for you and will use his own life experiences, lessons learned and obvious abilities to help you/insist that you get there. I would not be where I am in my career without his ongoing support, advice and friendship." 

Taylor Rightmire

Area Vice President


Union City, CA

Eric was one of my favorite managers at Sea Gull Lighting and again at Kichler Lighting for all of the positive qualities he brought to every situation. He has gone above and beyond to assist me in my past and current career paths.

During his tenure at both posts he was in a position to influence how I handled difficult situations, as well as elevating my sales to new levels. He was always willing to constructively share his insight and delivered it
with support and a smile. Eric is an achiever and has the gift of a winning personality to accompany it. He has been a bright source in my career for many years and I know I can count on him to continue to be in my corner!

                                                                                                                                                                           Melanie Pahl
                                                                                                                                     Contract | Hospitality | A&D Sales
                                                                                                                                                                        Lighting Vision
                                                                                                                                                                              Denver. CO

"I am fortunate that Eric Borden was part of the leadership at my first 'real' job.  Although I had a basic understanding of professional organizations (like most business school graduates) I had never been exposed to the challenges of working with people in high pressure situations.  Many of the problems I was responsible for solving were centered around the people in the incident, rather than the products associated with our company.  
During these times Eric listened to my own concerns and rather than suggest how to solve a conflict, he would share anecdotes from his own career.   Though never directly similar to my own they contained valuable lessons and humor which prompted further exploration into solutions I had not considered.  It also helped me manage the pressure associated with growing responsibilities.  Soon I was able to shorten my learning curve and adapt my personality to achieve success at this organization.

Eric's advice, humor,and friendship have been a constant in my career.  Eric has helped me develop the tools necessary to foster growth in my career, and when I have had to navigate through difficult professional moments his example has been an invaluable guiding compass."  

Ken Charton

Product Line Manager

Crestron Electronics

Rockleigh, NJ