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Eric Borden LS, CPC

Pathfinder Consultants, Inc.

P: 609.405.0771

E: eric@pathfinder-coaching-guidance.com


We're all busy in our personal and work lives. As employers, we yearn for the time to do everything needed to develop and train our personnel (and ourselves!) into our future leaders. As an employee, you do everything possible to relate to your employer so you both understand the current workplace culture.

Pathfinder Consultants is established to help both companies and individuals develop our next generation of leaders and developing a multi-generational understanding in order to create a culture for optimal success. If your company needs assistance with establishing a sales network, marketing help or finding the latest product ideas let us help you!

With over 42 years of industry and mentoring and coaching experiences, I have helped many people become effective leaders and mentors as well as being an instrumental part of company growth. ​My experience also includes many facets of the industries affording me the opportunity to pass along my knowledge to you. Let me now formally help you and/or your team be the best you can be. Whether individually, in a group or in a workshop, we can work together and guide your future growth and success.